Case Studies

eCommerce in your Inbox


Our customer is committed to empowering researchers and librarians around the world. To that end it wanted to reduce as much as possible the administrative burden of renewing contracts that are coming to an end.

  • Over a million dollars spent each year on manually renewing customer contracts.
  • Smaller libraries and institutions had very high cost of sales vs contract revenue.
  • Prolific acquisitions of companies and content means that there is a large number of provisioning and fulfilment systems to cope with.

With over 60,000 contracts delivering the bulk of the companies revenue, delivering a streamlined renewals process would bring significant benefits to the business.

Having successfully implemented Salesforce CRM and Apttus CPQ for internal users, the next challenge was to pull together all the discrete components of a renewals process. A way had to found to seamlessly orchestrate this complex process, with the aim of providing customers with an easy and engaging user experience.


InterACT from CRMantra was utilized to integrate data, business logic and orchestrate this complex renewals process. The aim was to get at least 20,000 contracts renewed each year by customers using this new self-service solution.

It was decided that eCommerce by email would be the best way to get customers to embrace this new process. By providing three clear options in the email (Renew, Review or Contact Rep) it was hoped that the majority of renewals would be automated and the customer wouldn’t even have to visit the their web site.

One key aspect is the ability to track the customers’ interaction. Activities are created in Salesforce when the email is opened, when the invoice is downloaded and when the contract is renewed. This gives the sales teams a perfect way to target those customers that are hesitating to renew.


Our Customer’s aim to transform into a 21st Century Digital Business is quickly becoming reality. In the space of a year they have implemented Salesforce, Apttus CPQ and taken their first successful steps in their eCommerce transformation program.

In the first week that Self-Service Renewals was live, they had nearly 200 orders, worth over $1.4million, being processed automatically.

This is a great result, streamlining their renewals process and bringing in revenue when it’s due, without the need for sales reps to chase customers. For customers it allows them to quickly review their services and provides a one-click renewal of their contracts.







    “121 orders in one day! This is stupendous, terrific, fantastic, exciting news!”


    A US based global information, content and technology company.


    A complex sales and renewals process that needed a large amount of manual intervention by the sales teams.


    Provided a self-service solution, based on Salesforce, Apttus and InterACT. For the majority of customers who just want to renew without changes all the interaction could take place from the email in their inbox.


    A streamlined renewals process allowing customers to renew contracts straight from the reminder email in their inbox.