New Thinking

Having worked with a large number of clients struggling with their CRM implementations, we thought we should share new thinking towards common challenges.

APRIL 2016

NEW! InterACT2Go
Mobile CRM App and App
Designer from CRMantra

It’s About Sales and Service,
Not Just CRM.

MAR 2016

Using Siebel’s new Usage
Pattern Tracking

With Siebel 15.5 came the
new Usage Pattern Tracking;
an improved way to get usage
statistics out of Siebel.

FEB 2016

The Mobile App Development
Platform Decision

The objective of this report is
to help developers and companies
decide on the best platform for
building mobile apps.


Siebel Usage Analytics -
Kickstart your Siebel UX Project

With Siebel Usage Analytics
from CRMantra, you now have
concrete evidence of how Siebel
is being utilized.


Misadventures in
Customer Interactions?

You don’t want a rep making
a sales call without knowing
about an unresolved complaint.


User Adoption has never
been Harder

Which is harder: Rolling
out a new application or getting
your people to use it?


You Close Deals only
as Fast as you
can Quote

Your sales velocity drives
your bottom line.


Does Multi-Channel equal
Channels Out of Sync?

Does your online channel
sometimes sell a product that
other sales channels have
already stopped selling?


The Business Wants Solution
Sales, CRM just Sells Products

Your sales force wants to sell
solutions tailored to customers’
needs in order to increase deal
size and convert more leads into orders.


The Right Price –
A Mix of Science
and Art

What is the “right” price?
Does your organization have
an understanding of your
customers’ willingness to pay.

JULY 2015

Product Modeling –
the Solution Representation Challenge

If your products and services
come in various formats, shapes,
sizes or styles, with many parts,
options or add-ons, presenting
the solution for sale is not easy.

JUNE 2015

Systems Speaking the
Same Language

Your customer’s name is
“Sandra Jones.” At least
that’s what your product
order system says.

MAY 2015

Usable Business Intelligence

Your data is more valuable
than you know. It's more
than just information;
it's evidence.

APRIL 2015

From Despair to Delight - How Improved UX can Re-energize your Users

Building physical networks
is no easy task – Giving your
customer an 100% accurate
quote can be just as hard.

APRIL 2015

Cloud Control – When More than One could be a Crowd!

Too many cloud applications
can quickly lead us to the
same level of complexity as
managing multiple On-Premise

19 MARCH 2015

Get Better Grades

Wouldn’t it be great if we
could teach Siebel how to improve
its own performance?

23 APRIL 2015

CPQ - It's never as easy as 1-2-3

I’ve see an increasing number of
customers coming to us asking for a
‘CPQ’ solution and preferably in the ‘cloud’.

12 MARCH 2015

Open UI – Breathing Life into Siebel and Your Users

An Open UI upgrade is not
just a fix. Use this upgrade to
simplify the app and align it to your users..

4 MARCH 2015

Siebel Open UI – My Top 6 - What NOT to do!

Most teams end up seeing an
OpenUI implementation as 2 separate


At the Horizon – Does Cloud meet OnPremise?

On one of my long flights,
I had ample time to reflect on
our experiences working with customers
on terra firma and in the cloud

28 JANUARY 2015

Mobile Apps - What’s the cost of free ?

So what makes the customer
believe they have an option
that is ‘free’?

20 JANUARY 2015

It's Open Season on OpenUI

Siebel Open UI – Are you
excited by the possibilities,
but daunted by the challenges?

30 MAY 2014

Siebel OpenUI - "Process is the key to Success"

So you’ve spent time,
effort and money on upgrading
Siebel to the latest version

9 JULY 2013

Siebel Mobile - The Trials and Tribulations of going mobile

Mobile is such a large
focus for many organizations
at the moment.

15 MAY 2013

Mobilize your workforce. Now!

Whether it is Field Sales
or Field Service or Retail PoS
or Self Service, everyone today
wants to go mobile and stay mobile.

15 OCTOBER 2012

Siebel CRM - Open UI Post OOW Update

It has to be said that
Siebel OpenUI was received
with great applause (literally!)

1 OCTOBER 2012


We are able to provide
a Quoting (Configure, Price,
Quote) solution for Oracle's
Fusion CRM


Siebel Open UI - Update

We are able to provide
a Quoting (Configure, Price,
Quote) solution for Oracle's
Fusion CRM

28 AUGUST 2012

Internal users being left in the charge to CX?

Clients have taken on board
the 'CX' - Customer Experience'
messaging and are actively
looking for solutions

28 AUGUST 2012

CRM - More Channels, More Choice, More Challenges

Many CRM customers are
asking themselves if their
current platform is up to
the task