Siebel Open UI

Let’s show you the Art of the Possible with Siebel Open UI

We have a wealth of skills, tools and ideas to help you improve your Siebel User Experience. Let’s look at our CADD Methodology…


Get some facts, stats and insights you can trust by kicking off your project with a Usage Analytics study.

Laser focus. Why waste development time and resources on views no one visits. Siebel deployments use less than 5% of available views. Our Usage Analytics identifies who visits what views, when, how often, and for how long.


Our Big Data wheels are set in motion. We apply our data-mining algorithms to generate insightful and actionable reports. Our Usage Analytics allows for precise planning of your technical upgrade and functional designs.

Rolling Thunder. Reduce the Open UI deployment risk through a phased roll out. The Usage Analytics can provide the breakdown of views visited by each subset of users.

Eyes Wide Open. Know the technical issues and challenges before you start. The Upgrade Assessment will analyze your Siebel repository for technical issues and provide an estimate for resources required to address any problems.


Based on Flow Analytics that have been captured and insights from field visits we can design and streamline processes based on the most common way your users interact with Siebel.

Our UX creative team switches into high gear. We will work closely with you to create the storyboards, the wireframes and detailed UI mock ups of the final result. We can show you the art of the possible with Siebel Open UI.


Technology Selection, UI frameworks, coding principles, project planning and change management – all key areas during the Develop stage where we can add significant value.

Be Agile! Let’s not forget that we utilize our CADD methodology within any project delivery framework. For best results we insist on it.


Don't believe what can be accomplished with OpenUI? Take a couple of minutes to view some of our portfolio.

The methodology for our Open UI Assessment has even been validated and endorsed by Oracle! – (See My Oracle Support - Doc 1626424.1).

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Our CADD Methodology

  • REVAMP – With the introduction of Siebel Open UI, we can now totally transform your end-users’ interaction with Siebel, bring it up to date, introduce best-practices and deploy across platforms.

    RE-ENERGIZE – Everyone wants to go mobile! We are able to quickly get you mobile with Siebel and boost your user adoption.

    REBUILD – Don’t blame Open UI, but with years of accumulated business services and customizations in your Siebel instance often come performance problems. We can quickly rebuild or refine them to get the performance your users expect.

    The methodology for our Open UI Assessment has even been validated and endorsed by Oracle! – (See My Oracle Support - Doc 1626424.1).