Siebel Open UI

Siebel Open UI Templates and Processes

Sure, you can upgrade to Siebel Open UI, activate it and let your users use their browser of choice to access Siebel (and for some clients this in itself is one major roadblock that has been removed!)…but now that you have Open UI, think what else it can do and the benefits it can bring.
By utilizing the Siebel Open UI infrastructure we have been able to make huge improvements to the User Experience for Internal users, Channel Partners and Self-Service Consumers.

Since we first got our hands on Siebel Open UI in 2012, we have been finding new and inventive ways to help customers dramatically improve their Siebel deployments. If you’d like to know more about CADD our unique approach to a Siebel Open UI project take a look here.

With the release of Open UI we took the opportunity to fill the gap that had always existed in Siebel – namely a process-centric user experience. We have always found the lack of process to be the #1 reason behind poor usability of Siebel.

To help us fast track these projects we have built a library of Processes and Templates, which are ready to be used, adapted and deployed – there is now no need to start from a blank page!

We have seen how consolidating the right information on one page can have a major positive impact on productivity – no more jumping around Siebel to find that important piece of information. Fewer clicks, means less time wasted, means a more productive user!

By defining and ‘baking in’ these processes we have seen major improvements in,

  • User Adoption
  • Reduced training needs
  • Increased productivity
  • And user Happiness!

As well as

  • Total Cost of Ownership reduced as old technology (ActiveX) is removed.
  • Lower development costs by using industry standard JavaScript libraries to rapidly develop new functionality, as well as HTML5 and CSS – Skills that are readily available in the market.
  • Easily use the new UI across browsers and devices (Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, iOS)

InterACT – Dynamic Screen Framework (DSF)

Clarity not Clutter

We have taken Siebel Open UI and made it even better. One common request we had from our clients was to be able to have a finer level of control over the UI, to allow them to dramatically reduce field ‘clutter’ and improve usability.

We took on that challenge and designed our Dynamic Screen Framework. It allows rules to be defined based on who, what, when and where – our 4 design tenets.

This now means that one common, “global” page can be created and fields managed by exception, without the need to create dozens of slightly different pages that have to be maintained individually and assigned to different users.

Want to know more? Get started here >>


WHO: Who are the users, roles or user groups that need a tailored UI ?

WHAT: What applets, views, or screens need to be targeted?

WHEN: When does the ‘action’ need to happen - Hide, Show, Highlight, etc.?

WHERE: Where does the user need to see the result – PC, Tablet, Smartphone?


HIGH-PERFORMANCE: Improved user interaction and productivity.

STREAMLINED UI: Users only see what they need, when they need it.

EASY ADMINISTRATION: A business user can define all the rules.

FASTER PROJECTS: No Siebel Tools changes necessary. Rules updates are effective immediately, no server to ‘bounce’.

PHASED DEPLOYMENTS: Deploy UX customizations in phases. No need to boil the ocean and undertake a massive change management exercise.